The first thing is to ensure that the vehicle you are loading is on a flat even surface, with no obstacles.

Loading Glass on Vehicle Glass Rack
Clamp Bars to secure your glass

Load larger pieces first, this ensures they are supported by the clamp bars, load smaller pieces against the larger pieces.

Ensure that all glass has protective packer in each corner and in the middle, it is too easy to scratch or damage the glass when handling.

Clamp bars are the safest and fastest way to secure glass, these can be positioned all over glass ute rack.

When securing glass with clamp bars ensure that the thrust arms are tight - but not too tight and positioned against the top hats for maximum support.

When ready to head off, pay close attention to the load level of your vehicle glass rack distribute the load evenly. Throughout your deliveries make sure the stability of the load is secure and evenly redistributed.

Unload glass on level flat ground, never unload your glass if you vehicle is on a lean. Glass can fall forward and cause injury. Never leave glass on the glass ute rack unclamped. Never unload in high winds, never unload in the rain.

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