Glass bulk delivery, installation & service has never been so simple.

PIDIAMOND Glass Truck Body can do it all!

PIDIAMOND Custom Fit your Truck to different lengths and heights. It will suit aluminium or steel tray.

Choose your design Double External Loading, Double External with one Single-Sided Loading or the maximum Double-Sided External & Internal Loading.

Glass Truck Body with enclosed room
Rear Step for Truck Body

Fabricated from galvanised steel, high base sheeting, sign board, top hats, u channel rubber lined, and rubber grommets throughout.  Our clamping bar system is highly recommended to your load for security and safety.

 New streamline body design creating a smoother finish.

Internal Glass Loading

Internal Loading

Enclosed room for glass truck body

Enclosed Room

Options to transport glass inside your truck

Lockable Door

Lockable room for your truck

Lockable Trundle Drawer